We at Cin7 are very excited to announce the official launch of our partner program this week.

The program gives accountants, business- and IT-consultants, IT integrators, cloud software integrators and others an opportunity to earn money for recommending or for implementing Cin7’s connected inventory software.

The Cin7 Referral Partner tier is basic and straightforward. Sign up as a Referral partner to earn commission for, well, referring clients to Cin7. The Certified Integrator Partner tier is a bit more involved, but Cin7 provides all the training you need to sell, onboard and support clients on Cin7.

So, who needs Cin7?

Any of your clients that sell a physical product and that must know how much stock they have available in realtime to decrease inventory, increase cash flow, and plan for the future.

A company with few products can get by with manually updated spreadsheets to track stock, while managing accounting programs, POS systems and eCommerce websites separately.

But as they grow, tracking inventory in these multiple, disconnected systems drains time, creates a higher potential for errors and gives an incomplete picture of inventory activity.

A company must reign in the cost of goods sold, lower their inventory to increase cash flow, and have data on hand to plan for the future, in order to thrive. And they need a system that scales with their business, with the potential of adding new big retail trading partners. Cin7 accomplishes all this, at a much lower price than the kind of solutions that large enterprises can afford to purchase, integrate and support.

And How Will Cin7 Help Your Clients?

Cin7 bridges the gaps between your suppliers, logistics providers and all your sales channels, including:

  • A Built-in Point of Sale (POS)
  • An out-of-the-box B2B website
  • Integrations with the world’s leading eCommerce software and marketplaces
  • Integration with Xero and QuickBooks
  • Connections to global Third Party Logistics companies
  • Native EDI connections to supermarkets, department stores and big box retailers
And What Do You Get Out of It?

You can solve your clients’ inventory management problems and build their growth strategy by recommending or implementing Cin7. Here are some of the benefits to you:

  • Increase revenue with fees for every customer you refer and who subscribes to Cin7.
  • Increase revenue as a Certified Integrator by charging for setup and support.
  • Free training and certification processes with no minimum commitments.
  • Resources to help you promote and sell Cin7 to your clients.
  • Sales, marketing and technical expertise.

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