Not sure what the next top-selling item is going to be in your store? The answer could be simpler than you think! If you don’t already have gift cards in your store, now’s the perfect time before the holiday rush begins.

Gift cards are a no-brainer when it comes to making that extra bit of profit in your retail business. Here’s why

1. They’re a super convenient choice for your shoppers.

Especially when it’s holiday time, buying gifts for loved ones can become pretty overwhelming. If a person isn’t a confident shopper or just isn’t sure what to buy someone, gift cards make the perfect, convenient gift!

2. They boost sales with minimal effort.

Did you know that 65% of gift card redeemers spend almost 40% more than the card’s value? They also tend to buy more items at regular price which means better margins for you! Gift card redeemers are happy to spend that little extra on an item they really want if they’re not paying the entire cost of the sale.

3. They can be switched on in Vend in a matter of seconds!


If you’re on an Advanced or Multi-Outlet plan, you can get Gift Cards running in your store in a matter of seconds. Just go to Setup > Gift Cards and click ‘Enable Gift Cards’ — and you can start selling them right away. Find out more.

Limited time only: Get 20% off gift card orders from Plastic Printers.


Our friends at Plastic Printers have just sold over 100,000 gift cards to Vend retailers! To celebrate, they’re offering a crazy 20% off gift card orders over $400 until the end of September.

Make the most of this opportunity to get your own shiny new branded gift cards. Just use the promotional code ‘100KCARDS’ at checkout.

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