From October 24th, when you log in to Xero as a Xero Partner, you’ll land straight into Xero HQ as your default experience. But don’t wait until then, Xero HQ has everything you need right now – dive right in and check it out!

Everything you’re used to, and more

All the features you know and love within My Xero Partner Edition are now found within Xero HQ, but with some much-requested improvements to features like the client list, reporting, staff management and practice settings. See all the cool new features and how to use them here.

In Xero HQ you can add and group clients, and access their Xero organisation and billing. You can also manage staff access to Xero orgs. You can edit, customise, and publish report templates, as well as manage your advisor directory profile, all from the same place. You’re also able to view and personalise client alerts through the Activity feed because it provides useful information without having to access every client. For example how many bank lines need reconciling, is there sales tax or payroll due (NZ, AU, UK only) and much more.

If you’re worried about having a new source of noise in your life that goes “ping” when you’re trying to concentrate on work, don’t be. The Activity feed is customisable to your needs. You can turn alerts on and off; set up custom alerts; and filter, sort, and search for them by type.

It’s easy, and partners who take the time to customise their experience are seeing huge time savings – time they’d previously have spent wading through emails. Learn about customising your alerts to your specific needs here.

Want to know what which apps or banks your clients are using or do you need to drill down in industry associations? Now you can – simply use Explorer in Xero HQ and you will get all of these insights into your Xero connected clients right at your fingertips when you need them.

Ask in Xero HQ

We’ve also recently announced two innovative new features to Xero HQ – Ask, and a set of curated apps to build out your ultimate practice experience.

With Ask in Xero HQ you can compile custom queries, send them directly to your clients and they can easily login to a secure environment to reply directly to you. You maintain visibility over their progress and your client gets the right information to give you what you need. Ask will be available when you log in to Xero HQ on October 24, 2017. Learn more about Ask here.

With Xero HQ apps, you can build out additional capabilities for your practice easily by connecting to any of our curated apps that integrate directly into Xero HQ. You can share your client list with them, and efficiently manage app alerts right from inside Xero HQ. It’s a game-changer for accountants and bookkeepers looking to run efficient, sustainable practices. Check out our initial announcement with a full rundown of each app here.

Choose what’s important to you

Different practices have different needs. Some like to know what’s happening in the practice right now; others want to see what’s up with clients. With Xero HQ, you choose which is most important, and customise accordingly. Very soon you will be able to pick whether your default login view is of your client list, or your Xero HQ activity.

But don’t worry, My Xero Partner Edition will still be there should you ever need it. You can easily navigate back to My Xero Partner Edition by visiting the drop down menu in the top left, and clicking ‘My Xero’.

Don’t delay, get into Xero HQ today

We’ve given you the keys: now it’s time to take Xero HQ for a spin. We’ve got even more new features coming to Xero HQ. So, if you take the chance to learn to drive it now, you’ll soon be used to how it handles. Then you’ll be running your practice faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

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