Tradespeople know the importance of using the right tools for the job. And when it comes to running a thriving business, cloud-based apps are becoming increasingly essential to the tradie toolkit.

If you’re a Xero advisor offering app advisory to your trade and construction clients, or you’re interested in getting started, we’ve got the perfect resource for your toolkit.  Our new trade and construction app playbook shows you how to select the right apps for your clients. From understanding your client’s business needs and goals, to help from some handy app comparison matrices and cheat sheets. It shows you how to recommend the right app for the job.

The benefits of apps for trade and construction clients

Xero-integrated apps provide access to real-time information, and reduce the time spent on manual data-entry. In fact, SMBs who use cloud apps grow revenue 30% faster*.  For tradies, apps can be especially useful for quoting and accepting payments on the go. Yet, our research shows, less than a third of our trade and construction customers use an app to accept payment. The research also found 42% of our trade and construction customers use a desktop computer as their main method for quoting and invoicing, with less than 20% using a tablet or smartphone.

There’s a lot of potential for trade and construction businesses to start using the right tools to help them work on-the-go, remove bottlenecks that delay getting paid, get more efficient, and slash admin time. But why are you the best person to help?

Strengthening your value proposition as an advisor

As one of the business advisors small businesses trust the most***, your clients look to you for advice on ways to reach their business and financial goals. There’s also a lot of potential for app advisory to help your own practice. It’s a way to add to your suite of advisory services, and grow your revenue, while gaining some phenomenal results for your clients. In fact, Xero partners who include app advisory in their services experienced an increase in revenue of 40%.

Yet 58% of advisors specialising in construction aren’t helping their clients find the right technology to achieve their business goals. By adding app advisory to their advisory services, these partners can really strengthen their value proposition as industry specialists. But before you start recommending apps to your trade and construction clients, it’s a good idea to brush up on the fundamentals of app advisory. So if you haven’t checked it out yet, we recommend you start by reading our our app advisory playbook. This will help get you and your clients on the road to success.  

You can download our entire playbook series below, which also includes retail and a professional services playbooks:

After reading the material we hope you feel more confident advising your clients on which apps to connect with Xero to unlock greater success.

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