As the year winds to a close we are still working to tidy up loose ends. With that comes a clean up of the Advisor Menu and a renewed focus on the Report Centre.



As we continue to release more and more product every week, we need to find a home for each new feature. Because everything we do is designed with a #beautiful customer experience in mind, we are cleaning up our navigation to make way for future releases.

The first step in this process is to declutter the Advisor Menu & move some of our old reports into the Report Centre. The reports that will be moved are:

  • Management Report Pack
  • Reconciliation Reports
  • Annual Accounts – SPFR/Exempt (UK/NZ/US/Global)
  • Year-end Report (US)
  • Abbreviated Accounts (UK)
  • Sales Tax Reports (VAT, Activity Statement, GST Return)

These will now live in the “Accounting Section” of the new Report Centre – and are able to be favorited so they appear in your Reports Menu if you use them regularly.

The Report Templates under the Advisor Menu will also be moving to the new Report Centre in the new year, so they will be even easier to find.


Why the change?

Apart from continuous improvement and making your workflow beautifully simple by moving all reports into the Report Centre, we are also keen to get you using our new reports.

The Long Term Plan

We have invested heavily in our new reports over the past couple of years and believe these are the best in their class. We will start retiring the old reports in the future (don’t worry – we will give you plenty of notice), so we certainly encourage you to move to our new reports which provide a lot more flexibility, customization, and ease of use.

As always, we have a greater vision. Some of the things you can expect over time from us is to Remove Report Codes & Report Fields from the Advisor Menu; we plan to move these to the General Settings page sometime in the new year. 

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