Every month at Xero, we recognise one of our 600+ app partners for their contribution to our ecosystem and the great work they are doing to help businesses thrive.

This month, it’s simPRO.

Designed for service and project businesses, simPRO job management software helps trade businesses work smarter, provide exceptional service, and maximise profitability.

simPRO’s General Manager Australia Mark Alfred, gives us the details on how this clever software helps trade businesses work smarter.

Who is simPRo for?

simPRO can benefit many trade businesses, but we’re best suited for Electrical, Plumbing, Security, HVAC, Fire, Solar and Data. simPRO has solutions to suit any sized business, so as the business grows, simPRO grows with them.

How does simPRO make life easier for these trades?

Here are three ways simPRO can make life easier for our clients:

1) Instant Invoicing

Before simPRO, many clients would work all week only to get to Friday and realise they’ve got to invoice the entire week’s jobs. This would then mean that business owners needed to dedicate time over the weekend or weeknights to get invoices sent out. With simPRO, this doesn’t have to be the case. It is possible to invoice as soon as a job is complete and have it sent seamlessly across to Xero.

2) Smart Scheduling

Businesses used to rely on paper-based systems, including spreadsheets and whiteboards to distribute jobs. This can be a difficult and time-consuming method, particularly as businesses grow. You can lose sight of which technician is available and suitable to do the next job that comes in. simPRO helps with full visibility of technicians schedules so you can see where they are located and how long for, so you can then allocated them to a job that may come in close to where they are.

3) Complete transparency

How do you know if your business is profitable, or not? Like many trade businesses, you could wait to find out from your accountant at the end of each financial year. Or, you could know how profitable you are on every single job as it progresses. You can know where you’re making money, where you’re losing it, and hone in on areas you might have to improve, all in real-time so that you can make smarter and more informed decisions.

How does simPRO help its customers grow?

simPRO job management software helps clients work smarter, provide exceptional service, and maximises profitability. It streamlines a client’s entire workflow, from estimating to service delivery and payment processing. It can also keep their cash flow positive, and there is complete visibility across the entire workforce as well as real-time office-to-field connectivity.

By having all these processes automated with simPRO, business owners have the time to focus on growing their business. Staff’s productivity will improve which will also allow the business to take on more jobs and bill for more hours.

Why did you choose to partner with Xero?

Many trade businesses use Xero, and by having the integration with simPRO, this then helps streamline their business processes resulting in growth and profitability. Together, simPRO and Xero become a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for trade businesses. The benefits of the integration include:

  • Customer and supplier details can be imported from Xero to simPRO upon implementation
  • Can transfer payments between simPRO and Xero, and vice versa
  • Reduces administration time
  • Lowers risk of double-entry
  • Manage accounts and data
  • Available online

Find out more about how simPRO can help your business here.

Mark Alfred began his career with simPRO as an Implementation Consultant in 2010. He then progressed in the company to the role of Group Project Manager in 2013 and since 2014, he has been running simPRO’s Australian business as the General Manager.

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