As a mom of 6-month-old twins, I’m constantly juggling diapers, conference calls, grocery runs and squeezing in cuddles with the babies before heading off to the office. It’s a whole new world of working, and one that takes drive, patience and flexibility.    

Founder and CEO of Momtrends, Nicole Feliciano knows all about that and eptiomizes the “badass business woman” and  “mom boss”. From a glamorous career at Ralph Lauren where she traveled all over the world, she could see the demands on women with kids and in senior-level positions. Nicole’s fellow women senior executives either had stay-at-home husbands or full time nannies. And after putting off marriage until she found the perfect man, she couldn’t imagine farming out her role as mom when she was ready to start a family, so she walked away from her career in fashion.

Nicole couldn’t sit still for long, and soon after her daughter was born in 2005, she launched her blog Momtrends. It has since grown to over 500,000 monthly readers looking for the scoop on what’s fresh, pretty and purposeful for moms and families. It hasn’t been without sacrifices, though, but Nicole knows that if she wants her business to be a success, she can’t phone it in. And that sometimes means prioritizing work over her kids, and vice versa.

“Being a mom boss gives me the best of both worlds. I was inspired to do Momtrends to solve my problems first but it ended helping others. It’s a style resource for women who have less time, energy and money because the kids have come along,” said Nicole.

“One of my big goals for the next few years is to empower more entrepreneurs, we want to focus on small mom-owned businesses and really encourage more of them to launch and to grow.”

As a new working mom, Nicole’s story really resonated with me, and is inspiring! What I love is that she was not only empowered to create her own business to better her situation, but she’s supporting other moms to do the same.

Interested to hear more about the lessons learned and her advice to other moms that want to be their own bosses? Check out our video.

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