That’s a wrap for October. Read about our October product releases for small business and partners and check out what’s coming up next.

Don’t forget, Xero changes and release updates can be found in the Help Centre as well.

Released October ’17:

  • Fixed Assets update (AU)
  • Upgrade promo code

Xero for mobile

  • Attach files to quotes (Android)
  • Create, revise and send quotes (iOS)
  • Mark quotes as sent, accepted or declined (iOS)

Xero HQ

  • Staff Management – Show Partner Certification Details
  • Xero HQ Ask
  • Xero HQ becomes the default Practice experience

90-day window – what’s coming

  • Xero Projects (web and mobile) available to all
  • Payment services on invoicing screen
  • Improvements to emails
  • Find & recode enhancements
  • Quotes Search
  • Enhanced search

Released during October 2017

Fixed Assets update (AU)

With the latest changes for tax, Xero has brought asset depreciation and disposal calculations in line with ATO requirements. Tax values are now calculated using cost limit instead of purchase price. Adjustments are made to the sale price for gain or loss calculations if an asset has cost limit associated with it. Because of the many factors which affect Capital Gain, Xero no longer displays this value for tax.

Upgrade promo code

With the latest promo code it is now a whole lot easier to upgrade. You can try new features for 3 months at the same price as the current pricing plan you’re on if you’ve been with us for at least one month. And what’s more, any existing discounts you already have are taken into account and applied to the 3 month period.

Xero for Android

Attach files to quotes

Android lovers, listen up. You’re now able to attach files to a new quote. Simply start your quote while you’re out and about, take a few photos or upload documents, then flick it to your customer. Voila! Accurate, professional, job-winning quotes from anywhere.

Xero for iOS

Create, revise and send quotes

The wait is over. iOS users can now create, edit and send quotes to customers from their mobile. Make the most of the Xero mobile experience and quote while you’re still on site or on the go.

Mark quotes as sent, accepted or declined (iOS)

With this release, you’re now able to change the status of your quotes on your mobile and keep your lists of quotes up to date much easier. You’ll notice that you’ll spot sales opportunities easier by marking a quote as ‘sent’, see those opportunities that have been won ‘accepted’ or lost ‘declined’.

Xero HQ

Xero HQ becomes the default Practice experience

For all practice staff, Xero HQ is now your default experience. From Xero HQ you can access your client list, staff and practice settings as well as new features like the activity feed, explorer and ask. If for any reason you need to access My Xero Partner Edition you can still do so via the menu. And, you can now customise your landing page to be either the activity feed or the client list, simply choose your preference from your account settings.

Staff Management – Show Partner Certification Details

Good news for practice administrators, you can now view the status of each staff member’s certification from the staff tab. See which certifications your staff hold, the expiry dates and the number of Xero U credits they have all from one simple view.

Xero HQ Ask

Get the client information you need with Ask. This great new feature makes compiling and sending client queries easy. Compose the questions you need to ask to complete your compliance work and send them directly to your clients via email without leaving Xero HQ. Clients login securely using Xero to answer your questions, attach documents and see handy hints you’ve left to help them provide the right answers. Ask in Xero HQ works across all of your clients, even those that aren’t using Xero. Read more on the blog.

What’s coming – 90 day window

Xero Projects available to all

Xero Projects is the simple way to track the time and money you spend on each job, allowing you to focus on the right work, improve efficiency and drive profitability. Geared at businesses with straightforward job costing needs, Projects will really appeal to those still fiddling around in spreadsheets, or who find most project management software too complex.

Projects will soon be available to all Xero customers on web, iOS, and Android. Keep your eyes peeled for an update in December.

Payment services on invoicing screen

We’re making it easier for you to add payment services to your invoices. Soon, you’ll find payment services in Xero on the invoicing screen – telling you whether or not you’ve already added some. Make sure you do! Payment services are a great experience for your customers and help you get paid faster.

Improvements to emails

Soon, you’ll notice your emails had a little work done, some may call it a facelift even. Any emails you send from Xero will soon include your logo and invoice emails will include a summary of key details and a ‘View invoice’ button that links to the invoice. It’ll direct your customers to the online invoice more obviously and helps you get paid on time.

Find & recode enhancements

Coming out soon, you’ll be able to easily recode manual journals. Try searching for transactions by bank account, invoice number or the reference. Cleaning up accounts in Xero will be done in no time – a great time saver to come.

Quotes Search (iOS)

Next up for iOS is the ability to search for quotes, so you can find what you are looking for quickly.

Enhanced Search

Very shortly, you’ll be able to search for amounts from any screen in Xero. You’ll also be able to search for contacts by account number, email address, phone number, company registration number, and address.

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