5 Reasons to go with Cloud Computing

Do you still use on-premise software to run your business? Cloud computing has matured over the past decade, but some companies aren’t convinced. What they may not know is that moving to the cloud decreases business costs and  increases efficiency, productivity, and accessibility.

How Cloud Computing Improves Business

Businesses derive a lot of value from cloud computing, including some that may answer their old hesitation.

It Saves Time

Companies spend more time on implementing on-premise software than cloud solution. Efficient coding, configuration and installation manes they can get up and running in hours. Moreover, cloud computing solutions put a lot into onboarding and support to expedite implementation and solve technical issues.

It Requires Low Maintenance

Cloud solutions need no server or specialized hardware, eliminating maintenance and capital costs. Cloud providers use data centers for processing and backup to ensure business continuity.  On-premise software, on the other hand, demands in-house IT services for things like security and maintenance.

It Makes Upgrades and Customization Easier

Cloud computing centralizes programming data for the most efficient ongoing upgrades and customization possible. By contrast, on-premise software typically requires costly integration work to customize, and potential added hardware configuration requirements. Moreover, on-premise product updates tend to be cyclical and in some cases are inconsistently applied, particularly for customized versions.

It’s Secure

SaaS vendors make sure the data centers they use have the best security practices in place. While all organizations can experience security threats, research shows on-premise environments suffer more. One study showed that enterprises using on-premise software suffered 2.2 times the incidents that their cloud computing counterparts did.

It’s Easier to Integrate and Scale

Cloud software is made for fast, efficient and highly cost-effective integration. Once again, thanks to the SaaS doing all the programming and deployment, businesses using cloud software find it easier to integrate one solution with another as they scale.

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