A Magento Integration to Master eCommerce

What makes one eCommerce platform more appealing than another? As with every business-critical technology, that question depends on the company. While out-of-the-box solutions may get you selling online faster, their basic features may not suit everyone. Consequently, companies with the resources and knowledge turn to open source eCommerce solutions to create the online store they want. And when it comes to managing costs and automating fulfillment for in an open source world, nothing beats Cin7’s Magento integration.

The Advantages of Magento Integration with Inventory

Magento launched in 2008 as an open-source platform built on a community of 150,000 developers. Consequently, Magento gives businesses a lot of options for eCommerce. Those options make Magento a highly customizable platform that 250,000 large and small businesses prefer. Magento users can add customer support, marketing, site optimization and much more to their online store. But when it comes to making eCommerce one seamless component of their omnichannel business, many opt for Cin7’s Magento integration.

What the Omnichannel Needs…

Research shows that product-driven businesses perform better when they adopt an omnichannel strategy. In fact, everyone from legacy retail to pure-play eCommerce companies appears to be moving that direction. Omnichannel boils down to getting your product into your customer’s hands when and where they want it. Thus, businesses must be able to sell through online, physical and marketplace channels at once, and to fulfill those orders according to the customer’s choice. This means providing options for home delivery, click-and-collect, and ship-from-store. Cin7’s Magento integration doesn’t just make it easier to manage inventory and control cost for an eCommerce channel. It makes it possible to automate order fulfillment for all their channels at once.

…Is What Cin7’s Magento Integration Does

With Cin7’s Magento integration, your eCommerce stock and sales processes become a seamless part of your overall business. Cin7 centralizes stock and processes across all your channels to give you product-driven control of your entire business. Cin7 makes your product-driven business completely visible and far more efficient. For example, Cin7’s Magento integration can automatically download orders, route the orders to a store, 3PL or warehouse, and dispatch those orders, all without any human intervention. Moreover, you can route the orders for dispatch from a store or warehouse where your customer is. Ultimately, Cin7 puts the mechanism in your hands to make your omnichannel work.

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