Built-in Feature Puts Cin7 on Top 20 EDI Software List

Most business owners never hear about Electronic Data Interchange until the moment they need it. Nevertheless, EDI powers most electronic business transactions today. In fact, 85% of those transactions happen only because of EDI. In short, it’s the most common, least known technology fueling online commerce today. And not only does Cin7 bake EDI software into its solution, it just ranked as a top EDI provider.

EDI Software, Minus the Middleman

Business technology evaluator Capterra ranked Cin7 in its Top 20 Most Popular EDI Software list. Based on criteria like active EDI users and positive reviews, Cin7 ranks among the top EDI-only specialists in the world for popularity. The big reason for this is Cin7 bakes EDI into its solution. Thus, unlike EDI-only specialists, we automatically integrate your EDI transactions with your inventory and supply chain management.

Built-in EDI Saves Time and Money

Because Amazon Vendor and major retailers require EDI for communicating orders, invoices, shipping notices and more, you can’t do business with them without an EDI connection. While specialist companies provide EDI software, these don’t integrate with the other software you use to manage your business. Thus, EDI software alone only goes so far and integration takes even more time and costs yet more money.

Cin7 offers inbuilt EDI connections to more than 50 major retailers in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This means you get up and trading faster and more cost-effectively than you would with a specialist EDI software provider.

Cin7: Making EDI Even Better

Cin7 continues to build on its EDI offering to make trading with Amazon and big retailers even easier and more efficient. Specifically, we will introduce a new dashboard along with automation that will show how Cin7 gives much more than just EDI software. Watch this space.

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