Cin7 Integrates With All Four Amazon Sales Channels

Cin7 this month became the first inventory management solution to natively connect to all four Amazon sales channels. The integrations include connections to Amazon Seller, Amazon Vendor, Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) and Amazon Dropship.

The integrations make it easy for companies to coordinate their inventory through Amazon sales channels without the need to pay for additional technology solutions, or the time and expense of added data entry work.

“This exciting initiative with Amazon further amplifies our commitment to providing the most integrated inventory management solution in the world and enables our users to access their channels using a single platform to maximize sales, efficiency and margins,” says Danny Ing, Cin7 Founder and Head of Product.

Amazon has become a dominant eCommerce player as an online marketplace where hundreds of millions of customers in key markets shop. The rising trend is for companies to use Amazon as part of their omnichannel strategy, among multiple online marketplaces, eCommerce sites, and brick-and-mortar channels.

Amazon Seller

Many small companies begin growing their Amazon sales activity through Amazon’s Seller Central channel. Amazon Sellers own and control their inventory, and manage order fulfillment directly or through FBA. Integrate with Amazon’s network for selling in North America, Europe, India, China and Japan.


Sellers may choose to fulfill orders through FBA, Amazon’s branded logistics service. Use FBA to hold stock, instead of your own stockroom or warehouse. Dispatch with a single inventory management system for Amazon seller orders or multichannel orders, and fine-tune your gross profit with reports that incorporate FBA fees. Sync inventory between Cin7 and FBA with detailed tracking of stock variances.

Amazon Vendor

Amazon requires vendors to use the EDI protocol to send and receive invoices and purchase orders. Prior to Cin7 integration, a company would have to pay EDI/VAN providers to set up, compliance-test and maintain EDI software and connections, and pay more money to integrate with their inventory management solution. With Cin7, Amazon Vendors are automatically EDI compliant, saving them money on integration, data entry, and chargebacks for non-compliance.

Amazon Dropship

Cin7 now allows customers to fulfill orders through Amazon Dropship. Because Amazon also uses the EDI protocol for this service, companies once again will not have to pay for a third-party EDI provider to setup, install and test the connection for compliance. Nor will they have to pay an extra fee to a VAN provider to maintain the online connection.

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