Cin7 Makes Top 20 List for Retail Management

Cin7 is one of the most popular retail management systems around, according to a software guide and user review platform.

Capterra, a subsidiary of analyst firm Gartner, ranked Cin7 at number 15 in its Top 20 Most Popular Retail Management Systems Software report.

Capterra is a comprehensive service that helps businesses find the right solution across 300 software categories. The Top 20 Retail Management report “highlights the biggest players in the retail management systems software field.”

According to Capterra, the report compared software that is designed to be flexible enough for various kinds of retail operations, not tailored to certain retail types.

Capterra weighed each solution’s number of active customers, active customers, reviews and social media to create the retail management ranking.

Why Cin7 is Great for Retail

Retailers that don’t track inventory risk carrying too much or too little of their stock. Carrying too much will increase the overall cost of selling goods and reduce a retailer’s profits. Carrying too little results in lost sales and lost customers.

Cin7 makes retail management efficient and cost-effective by giving businesses real-time visibility of and control over their inventory across all their channels. This control results in retailers carrying the exact right amount of stock at all times, letting them make more money with less inventory.

It’s a flexible and comprehensive cloud-based solution with built-in POS and warehouse functionality and seamless integration with payments and accounting solutions, as well as third-party logistics providers, eCommerce platforms, marketplaces and more.

In other words, Cin7 gives retailers the power to not only optimize stock levels in their stores, showrooms, and warehouses but to maintain the same level of control over every channel they add to their business.

After all, retail today means selling through multiple channels. eCommerce makes this a reality. But, retail still means products—your inventory—and holding the right amount of stock to make more cash with less stock.

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