Cin7 Releases Fresh Capsule Integration

Cin7 launched into the new year with its refreshed Capsule integration. Capsule, a popular customer relation management solution, changed its API 2017. Consequently, Cin7 completely rebuilt this integration to improve synchronization and to refresh the user interface.

Develop Your Business With Cin7’s Capsule Integration

Businesses use customer relations management (CRM) software to centralize and track customer contacts. While CRM makes businesses more efficient, convincing evidence shows it smooths processes to improve customer experience. Thus, CRM makes business management more efficient and keeps customers happy. Moreover, integrating it with other business processes can make it easier and more efficient to turn a quote or a new prospect int a sale or customer. That’s what Cin7’s Capsule integration is all about.

How Cin7 Works With Capsule

Capsule CRM launched in 2009 to help businesses make the most of sales opportunities with minimal data input requires. Cin7’s new Capsule integration lets you sync new and update contacts from Capsule to Cin7, sync contacts created in Cin7 to Capsule, and create opportunities in Capsule from Cin7 Quotes. In other words, Cin7 makes the sales process smoother for efficient operations and better customer experience.

Cin7 customers integrating with Capsule can get detailed documentation here.

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