Get what you need with Xero HQ Ask

Earlier this month at Xerocon London, we announced Ask in Xero HQ. Today, we’re excited to announce that the feature is now available to all practice users. We’ve also transitioned all practice users into the Xero HQ environment where you can enjoy all the benefits of the platform. Read this blog to learn more about these updates.

It’s easy to request and receive the information you need

You’ve informed us that getting information from clients is really hard. That’s why we’ve built Ask to provide an integrated solution right within Xero HQ. This enables you to build simple queries which can be sent directly to your clients for responses. And because Ask lives in Xero HQ, all users assigned to a client can view and monitor responses – so your entire practice has access to the same information.

How does it work?

There are five key steps to using queries in Ask:

  • Create the query for your client request
  • Add sections and questions
  • Send the query
  • Manage client responses
  • Monitor responses

Create queries

Send your questions to all of your clients, even those not on Xero. Work smarter by copying any query that you’ve already created.

Ask-Xero HQ

Add sections and tips

Make your questions easy to answer by providing clients with sections and tips.

Ask-Xero HQ

Send the query

Set the name, email address and customise the message to send before you initiate the request. And because queries are sent directly from Ask, you enjoy a more efficient workflow by not having to use your internal email system. You can also schedule a reminder at any time to follow up on a client query.

Ask-Xero HQ

Manage client responses

Ensure a secure and positive experience by creating – or maintaining – a login that your clients already use. Your clients can easily start a response, or pause a response and resume later.

Ask-Xero HQ

Monitor responses

Check the progress of your client responses at a glance.

Ask-Xero HQ

More to come (and you can help)

This is just the start, as we’re working on new features to enhance your Ask experience. We’d also love to hear your feedback as you use the feature to help us build the best product to help you engage with clients. Get started with Ask to day and please visit the Xero Community and to share your thoughts.

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