Help your clients become invoicing experts

We’re developing a new type of guide on that we think will be really useful to you and your clients. These guides have chapters for easy online browsing and sharing, and you can download a PDF version of all the content if you want. The first in the series is The Invoicing Survival Guide.

It’s based on research we did about invoicing in the small business community. We found out that many business owners are looking for invoicing tips and information on payment terms or how to accept payments. They also want to know what to expect from invoicing software. So we’ve covered those topics plus how to create an invoice, creating invoice templates, how to get paid quickly, dealing with sticky situations – and more.

Sharing this survival guide with your clients

The great thing about this guide is that everyone can learn something from it – whether you’ve got clients who are just starting their businesses or those who have been running things for a while. From the anatomy of an invoice to checklists for choosing the right invoicing software – this survival guide has invoicing sorted.

If there are regular questions or pain points that your clients have when it comes to invoicing, share the links to those specific chapters. Or share the whole guide in your next newsletter or social posts. We’re sure that once you have a look, you’ll be able to use the content in many ways to answer invoicing questions and help clients create invoices that get noticed and paid on time.

We’ll be growing this collection of guides over time. So we’re always happy to hear any suggestions for next topics. Just drop us a line in the comments below.

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