Is Newegg Business Your B2B Marketplace?

Wholesalers trade online more and more every year. In fact, analysts expect global B2B online sales to surpass $12 trillion by 2020. While much of those transactions will be through EDI, websites and marketplaces give business customers more options buy what they need online. And just as there’s a market for everything, so is there a marketplace, such as Newegg Business.

Who Shops and Sells on Newegg Business?

Newegg, a US-based online retailer, launched in 2001 giving consumers a virtual store for computer hardware, software, electronics and other products. However, the company saw opportunity to expand to the wholesale market. It spun off Newegg Business (commercially knowns as NeweggBusiness) in 2010 to give businesses a chance to buy office technology and supplies in bulk.

The model proved a success and within five years achieved nearly $3 billion in annual sales, representing almost 18% of the company’s revenue. Today, 150,000 small and large businesses, and educational and government entities in the US are registered Newegg Business customers.

Online and multichannel retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers of everything from IT solutions and electronics to office furniture and supplies use Newegg Business to reach US-based customers.

Integrate Newegg to Your Business

Expand your opportunities with Cin7’s integration to Newegg Business. Cin7 lets you process orders, update status, and show available stock. Build your US-business by selling your office solutions to 150,000 customers. Moreover, do it without adding extra costs to manage a new channel. In fact, Cin7 optimizes your stock levels, automates processes and keeps costs down across your entire multichannel business.

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