Kounta at Xerocon South 2016


Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to loosen your tie, let your hair down, and take in the most epic cloud accounting conference to grace the southern hemisphere: Xerocon South 2016.

Did that sound sarcastic? Rest assured, it wasn’t—even if the words “epic” and “cloud accounting” rarely appear together. But the true fact is, we’re going to be setting up shop at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre this week during the three day event, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Since Kounta’s inception, we envisioned it as the hub of a business software ecosystem, and Xero was one of the first apps we integrated with. We saw from the beginning that a POS is exponentially more valuable when it plays nicely with third party accounting apps—and partnering with Xero made all too much sense. Our headquarters were separated by the Tasman Sea, but our apps both lived in the cloud. It was a natural fit.


But we’re not just excited about this event because it’s a chance to show off our wares at Xero’s event. It’s the philosophical kinship we share with Xero that’s essentially the mission of this event: empowering companies large and small (but mostly small, if we’re being honest) to take control of their businesses, leaving owners free to take control of their lives. You can see this vision throughout the lineup of speakers on the schedule:

  • Day 1 opens up with a keynote from the Trent Innes and Anna Curzon, the Managing Directors of Xero in Australia and New Zealand, respectively. Their topic of “Rewiring the Small Business Economy” demonstrates the same commitment we have to leveling the playing field for technology haves and have-nots.
  • Later on that day, author Rachel Botsman will present her own session, “The Currency of the New Economy is Trust,” which will focus on how mobile apps help foster more intimacy between people and businesses. The human element of business is something we never discount, and our goal has always been for Kounta to enable business owners to foster loyal relationships with their customers.
  • Day 2’s lineup includes “The Payment Olympics,” presented by PayPal’s Brian McDonnell. PayPal is another one of our technology partners, committed to making mobile payments accessible and available to all businesses. Cash just isn’t the king it used to be, and we’ve built mobile payments into the very foundation of Kounta.
  • “Creating a Successful Digital Business,” presented by Greg Sheehan of RightWay, a digital accounting firm, will shine a light on how professional service organisations can leverage cloud software to their benefit. At Kounta, we’re not just about facilitating our customers’ growth; we’ve also been focused on creating mutually beneficial partnerships with companies with expertise in our software.
  • This year’s platinum sponsor is Commonwealth Bank, who partnered with us to create the world’s first all-in-one EFTPOS device, AlbertThe friends of our friends are also our friends, and exemplify this common vision of simplifying business management and operations.

Xerocon South is going from September 7 through September 9, and promises to be packed full of information, discussions, and breakout sessions, and we can’t wait to take part in it. When you’re ready for a break from the speakers, come hit us up at booth 21 and see the ways Kounta and Xero will fit into any retail or hospitality business. We swear it’ll be a Xero sum gain.

Also, you should stop by our other partners’ booths, and say hi to them. Maybe some of the sessions will have you wondering how fully automate your business by integrating your POS and accounting software with scheduling/time & attendance apps. If so, our friends over at Deputy (Booth 55) and Tanda (Booth 52) will be there. Each of those apps has some unique offerings, but both of them work seamlessly with Kounta and Xero. If you’re curious about what it takes to install and support your business on multiple cloud apps, be sure to save some time for the Kounta Specialists and Xero Integrators who’ll be in attendance: Zrilo (Booth 1), Rype (Booth 2), and SMB Consultants (Booth 5) all offer extra value on top of the software packages themselves, so you should check out what they have to say. Finally, for secure payment solutions that play well with Kounta and Xero, stop over and talk to our payment partners: Tyro will be over at Booth 81, and Commonwealth Bank will have its own stand in the centre of the exhibit hall, right next to the juice bar.

Event Details and floor plan:

7-9 September, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

xerocon south 2016

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