Partners pioneer products for their clients: Allan Couceiro

The accountants and bookkeepers who use Xero day by day already provide more than traditional money advice. But, for some advisors, the power of product development plays a key role in staying ahead of the curve. They trial add ons, integrations and new products to pass these insights directly onto their clients.

Here we meet Allan Couceiro, who established TH!NK Partners in 2016. Xero goes behind his passion for new products, features and add-ons – to learn how his clients benefit from his proactive approach.

Allan Couceiro of TH!NK Partners is the first to admit that Xero’s intuitive design and its wider ecosystem of add-on apps is very appealing for him to try out. This is partly why he constantly road tests products before his clients do.

“I wouldn’t want them [clients] using something in their business that I wouldn’t use myself,” he says.

“I always test out any integrations first on my own business. Take the Square app for example. I love it as it integrates so easily with Xero.

“It’s so good that I now encourage my clients to use it too, and they benefit as well.”

Before and after

“We used to shudder at the thought of any other provider making a change to our accounting software,” reflects Allan on his pre-Xero days.

“In fact, I reckon that clients who aren’t on Xero still feel like this. You just know the update is going to make it harder and you then have to learn how to get around the new software.

“But because Xero is so intuitive, I’ve learned to trust Xero and look forward to its updates.”

Stepping into the ecosystem

Allan’s thirst for new knowledge spills beyond the screen and into the venues of Xero’s many annual conferences. “What I love about Xero’s conferences is that they are always one step ahead,” Allan says,

“Being in the Xero environment has opened me up to new innovations and helped to set me on a path where I want to go to.

“It’s like you’re in this ecosystem – you’re there, you’re in it, and you can try it out on your business.

“I trust that Xero has our back as accountants,” says Allan. “It’s constantly improving. Xero is learning along with our feedback – and they’re not afraid to do this.”

Roadshow in focus

Likeminded partners, accountants and bookkeepers will be able to access product learnings at any of the 24 events running across Xero Roadshow Australia 2017 nationwide, between 30 January through to 17 February.

The season has already begun. To quickly register your free spot – visit the Roadshow homepage.

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