Set Up Advanced User Permissions to Get Your Store in Top Shape for the Holidays

Things can get pretty hectic in retail, especially around Black Friday and Christmas — which are just around the corner! That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of your game during the holidays.

A big part of that is making sure your retail management system can support your efforts during the holiday rush. If your system isn’t secure or doesn’t empower you to get as many sales through the register as possible, then it could hinder rather than help you during the upcoming sales frenzies.

Fortunately, using Vend can give you that much-needed confidence through the holiday season! We’ve just released Advanced User Permissions on our Advanced and Multi-Outlet plans, which can give you even more control over what your employees can see and do in Vend. Not to mention, implementing Advanced User Permissions will keep your workflows aligned to your store processes, so you can ensure things run smoothly in your stores.

Here are just some of the ways you can use Advanced User Permissions to keep your retail business in top shape over the holidays.

1. Increase security and reduce shrink.

It’s important to run a tight ship over the holidays and make sure that employees only have the ability to perform tasks in line with their role. To really enforce this, it helps to set up the roles and permissions correctly in your retail management system. That way, you can easily control who is able to process returns, perform discounts, void sales, and so on.

It’s easy to do this if you’re on an Advanced or Multi-Outlet plan with Vend. By setting up Advanced User Permissions, you can decide whether cashiers or managers can perform laybys or layaways, discounts, returns, inventory counts, and more to keep your workflows secure (and reduce the risk of human error and shrink in the process).

For example, you may want your cashiers to be able to perform returns and exchanges, but remove access to applying discounts during those busy sales periods. By only allowing managers to perform discounts, you can be confident that it’s for a good reason. Plus, you can remove access to viewing supply prices, margins and gross profit figures, so staff are able to perform tasks like label printing and stock orders without seeing the costs of your inventory. In doing so, you can keep your most sensitive information hidden and secure.

2. Clarify roles and streamline onboarding for new hires.

The holidays often involve taking on temporary and new staff to relieve those busier shifts. With Advanced User Permissions, it’s easy to set up new hires quickly and reduce admin work.

When you set up Advanced User Permissions, you only need to define your Cashier and Manager roles once, so there’s no need to customize permissions for each new employee. When a new team member jumps on board, simply assign them to their role and they’ll have the same permissions as all other staff at their level. That way, you can spend more time getting staff up-to-speed with your store processes and less time fiddling with your software.

3. Motivate your sales staff and improve performance.

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to encourage salespeople to work harder and sell more this holiday season! Enabling your employees to track their performance could be just the thing to motivate them — especially if you’re running a sales contest between your staff or stores.

With Advanced User Permissions, you can choose whether your employees can see all sales reports at the outlets they’re assigned to, or just their own sales reports. So if you’re setting up a sales contest between employees, you might make all sales reports at an outlet visible to encourage rivalry. Or, limit access to a staff member’s own sales reports so they can stay focused on exceeding their own targets (see User Targets below to find out more). Whatever you decide, you can customize Vend’s Advanced User Permissions to suit your business.

Here’s to your holiday retail success.

At Vend, we’re dedicated to helping retailers succeed — this includes making sure retailers like you have a profitable holiday season! Setting up Advanced User Permissions is a great way to run a tight ship and keep workflows secure so you’re not leaving any cash out on the table during the shopfloor madness.

If you’re curious about other Vend tools that can come in handy during the holidays, be sure to check out:

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  • User Targets — set daily, weekly or monthly sales targets for your employees to get them selling at their best.
  • Stock Control — keep a closer eye on high-value items with partial or full inventory counts.
  • Vend Reporting — quickly get a snapshot of how your stores are performing this season.

Your turn.

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