We’re sorry – really sorry…

Yesterday, we experienced a technical outage which affected our users’ access to Xero.

The site went down at approximately 5pm New Zealand time, and was restored at 12.30am New Zealand time.

We know you’re wondering what happened. The nature of the problem made it very hard to diagnose. There are many problems that can exhibit the same symptoms.

We discovered a change was made to our network configuration. The change was incorrectly applied which meant some requests to servers inside that network failed. Our team worked around the clock to identify and implement a solution and to get the site up and running as quickly as possible.

Once the change was detected and reversed, restoration of service was instant, so customers could immediately access the Xero site again. We sincerely apologise for any impact this had on our customers’ working day.

We’re doing everything we can to build more resilience into our platform and reduce any risk of a similar issue in the future. Please rest assured that your data was not at risk at any stage.

This outage was disruptive, and we’re really sorry for the frustration and difficulty it caused you and your business.

We appreciate you bearing with us yesterday, and we’re disappointed we’ve let you down. Our site performance is extremely important to everyone at Xero, and we’re never happy with an outage of any length.

Tony Stewart (Chief Product, Platform and Data Officer), and the Xero Team.

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