What’s new in Vend: July

We hope you ended July on a high! We’ve been busy making Vend’s web Sell screen even better. Read on to see what’s new in Vend for the past month.

Alerts for sales that result in negative stockyou can now turn on alerts for in-progress sales that will result in negative stock levels. When enabled, a dismissable warning will appear if an out-of-stock item is added to a sale.


Coming soon: Changes to Sell screen search bar — based on feedback from retailers like you, we’re soon making changes to the Sell screen search bar using Vend on Mac or PC, to make selling with Vend even faster. Here’s what’s changing:

  • Product search and customer search will be split into two separate search bars
  • It will be possible to search for variants in the product search bar
  • Product search results will display 30 products instead of 10

Keep an eye out for our in-app notification with more details to come.


Coming soon: Vend Register iOS version 2.5.12 — we’re soon releasing iOS version 2.5.12 of the Vend Register app, which includes:

  • Fixes to tax calculations and how tax is displayed on receipts
  • A fix to the dashboard which wouldn’t load during network connectivity issues.

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