What’s new in Vend: March

We hope the Easter bunny brought you lots of chocolaty treats this year! And with the change of season, it’s a great time for fresh starts and getting all your ducks in a row. With Mother’s Day just around the corner for many of you, we’ve brought a great deal from our friends at Plastic Printers so you can get shiny new gift cards in-store before the shopping frenzy ensues.

Here’s what’s new in Vend.

Stock Control Improvementswe’re rolling out some improvements to our Stock Control page. Value totals are now added to each individual stock order, transfer or return as well as overall page value totals. And you’ll now be able to quickly answer crucial inventory, accounting, and supply chain management questions at a glance, such as:

  • What is the total value of all my stock on order from a given supplier?
  • What is the value of stock in transfer between my outlets?
  • How much did I spend on stock between January and March 2015?


Xero UpdatesWe’re working more closely with Xero than ever before. Our integration is revamped with more exciting updates to come this year. So we were thrilled to be Xero’s Ecosystem Partner of the Month!

Find out more about how this beautiful accounting integration can help you automate your most painful tasks, gain total insight into your business’s true real-time position, and make smarter decisions.


Vend U Is your store ready for Mother’s Day? Join us on Twitter on April 19th at 4pm (EDT) for our very first retail Twitter Chat! Our retail experts will be live for an hour sharing the most effective ways to get your store, products, and staff best prepared. They’ll help you get more customers through the door and keep them engaged so you don’t miss a sale.


Limited time offer: Get 15% off gift cards with Plastic Printers before Mother’s Day

Did you know that 65% of gift card redeemers spend almost 40% more than the card’s value? So if you haven’t set up gift cards in Vend yet, now’s the perfect time before the Mother’s Day shopping frenzy begins.

Our friends at Plastic Printers have put together a limited time offer to get you prepared. Just use promo code ‘MOM15’ at checkout and you’ll get 15% off your shiny new gift cards! We love Vender Philistine’s new design. Make sure to order before April 27th to redeem this deal.


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