Xero: A Different Feeling Workspace

Walking in the front doors of the Xero Denver office, you’ll notice that Xero is different. The workspace is alive with interest and accounting puzzle solving, with a layout that’s open and collaborative. Agents and leadership are interwoven, like the threads of a new pair of Allbirds. Just as comfortably, too.

This feeling is the same in all of our offices with a support presence; Denver, Hawke’s Bay, Wellington, Auckland, Melbourne, and Milton Keynes. A healthy culture is something that’s important to us, and our staff lives it across all of the regions. However, Xero offices don’t just differ in terms of workspace.

The “do it yourself” crowd

Not all North American customers are small business owners using Xero for just their own books. A good chunk of that number are accountants, using Xero to service their customers and relieve some of the pressure and trepidation surrounding accounting. However, the remainder is most definitely made up of the “do it yourself” crowd. A potato farmer from Idaho, a window cleaner from New York, a demolition team from California, all handling their own accounting. We have so many kinds of small business owners using our services directly, it’s mind boggling. The same entrepreneurial spirit and multifariousness can be seen in our office located here in Denver, Colorado.

From my desk I can see a photographer, a bookkeeper, a massage therapist, a music teacher, a fashion designer, a web developer, and a non-profit founder. This is the other thing that makes our support team so unique.

Small Business Minds Serving The Small Business Market

To best support our customers, our staff have to be fluent in three areas; accounting, customer service, and small business. You’ll find that our agents excel at all three, which is helped by being small business owners ourselves. We also use our own product, not just support it. If you’ve found yourself yearning for a feature that’s still in development, we have too. If you’ve been ecstatic over the release of inventory and expense claims, we have too. We are who we serve, small business owners, raised on the dream of a life where we love our work and are our own boss.

If you’re ever writing in for help and think, “man, I wonder if they even know what it’s like,” chances are we do. And we aim to get you back on track, with your business, and away from your computer screen (or at least on to your other digital projects) as soon as possible.

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