Xerocon: Not your average conference

What does an ice sculpture vodka luge and a surfboard simulator have in common? A beachside music festival? Close. Or how about an accounting conference, where all of these things have been part of Xero’s annual Xerocons?

We pride ourselves on having the world’s most beautiful and innovative conferences, but don’t just take our word for it. Our partners chime in on what they love about Xerocon.

Surprise yourself (and others)

Perhaps one of the things that defines Xerocon is its sense of fun, which can come as a surprise to others says Edward Sanford, Managing Director at UK-based accounting firm Chaddesley Sanford.

“Tell someone you’re excited about going to an accounting conference – and it’s likely they’ll laugh,” he says. “But what makes Xerocon different is the hybrid between tech and accounting.

“Our marketing and comms manager came along for the first time last year, and her preconceptions were very different to the reality,” Edward continues. “She found it so stimulating.”

The surprise can be as much about the fun and energy surrounding the industry as the learnings – as Vaughan Rowsell, Founder of Vend, experienced during one of his standout Xerocon memories. “[We had] too much fun with a photo booth and [watching founder] Rod do ‘bombs’ in the pool.

“Vend has never missed a Xerocon since!”

Break free from the mould

It pays to be different. Xerocon is the place for this, says Jon Dudgeon founder of Blu Sky Chartered Accountants in the UK’s North Shields.

“We’re breaking free from the concept of being ‘traditional accountants’, so Xerocon matters a lot to us,” he explains. “It helps us not only from a CPD perspective and boosting our sales channels, but because we hear all the new ideas firsthand as well.

“Your entire thought process across the two days is driven toward what’s happening next,” Edward agrees. “That’s an incredibly rare and motivating feeling. We independently run a strategy day, but Xerocon has now become a natural extension of that for us. We couldn’t miss it.”

Share the love

Accountant Steven Robinson says that the biggest boost he’ll get from Xerocon London this year is the satisfaction of watching his team grow and develop – especially the newer members.


“I’m excited. It can be a hard development curve for junior members. Xerocon helps to get them out of the office and experience a first-class learning opportunity with their peers.”

The power of the pause – and the knowledge this brings

But sometimes the greatest drawcard lies in what you can’t immediately see or grasp, such as the power in stopping to ‘sense check’ where you’re headed. The power in this pause – and the accessibility that comes from having so many great minds in one place – makes a big difference to the team, says Edward.

“Xerocon gives us the opportunity to stop and ask questions of the solutions servicing the accounting industry that translates to immediate value.

“Say someone on the team has a retail client that could benefit from more efficient technology. That person can go and chat to the team at Vend. Want to make sure you’re using the best reporting tools? Explore the add-on marketplace until you find what you’re looking for.

“If we’re going to be the experts for our customers – businesses who have come to rely on us to know the most effective technology out there – we need to seek new information and test our assumptions.”

So now you’ve heard it directly from our partners, Xerocon has so much to give to firms of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re planning to come along for the food trucks and flash mobs – or the learning, mental space and momentous ah-ha moments – it’s well worth the visit.

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