Cin7 is a fully integrated, cloud-based inventory management software and POS system that streamlines stock management across multiple channels and locations.

Cin7 is an all-in-one Inventory, POS, EDI and 3PL solution.

Cin7 inventory management software and POS system keeps your stock in line with orders, no matter where you sell or hold your stock. With extensive integration and workflow automation, Cin7 helps contain costs, optimize stock, and maximize margins and cash flow for your B2B, B2C, online and brick-and-mortar business.
Track actual costs and keep your accounting software in sync. Integrate your eCommerce website and automate your order fulfillment. Manage your own warehouse or integrate Cin7 with your preferred 3PL. Streamline order management when you sell to big retailers using our integrations with built-in EDI. Use Cin7 with online marketplaces like Joor and for every way you use Amazon: Seller, Vendor, FBA and Direct Fulfillment. For more information, visit

When it comes to set up
we’ve got you covered.

Step 1

Initial pre-integration and scope of works consultation meeting.

Step 2

Data preparation and migration into all applications.

Step 3

System implementation and API integration between applications.

Step 4

System set up and installation.

Step 5

Go live!

The Rype team helped us solve a challenge within our existing Cin7 platform. They helped us introduce new processes and then introduce training. Now we’re just getting better at knowing what's at our fingertips.

Ann-Maree Mason General Manager of Showpony Professional
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