How Rype Saves You Time in 4 Easy Steps

Saving time can mean more time for profitable work… or heading to the pub early on a Friday arvo. Whatever you’re looking to fit into your day, Rype can help you find the room in your calendar. 

Here’s how working with Rype can create more time in your schedule.

Cutting down on admin 

Good software can help you cut down on admin time in a substantial way, especially if you’re moving from a paper and pen system.

Rype can help you save time on admin tasks by recommending what systems to automate and streamline your business. Whether your timesheet to payroll processes are driving you to frustration, or billing is costing you more manual admin than it’s worth, we can explore your current environment, recommend new tools, and get you set up far more efficiently.

Improved tools & training

The tools you have and how you use them can make all the difference. Rype can help you make sure you’re using the right tools in the right way. Even with the best software on the market, if your team has slipped into bad habits or hasn’t fully adapted to a new program, then you might not be saving all the time and money that you could be. 

You might be surprised how productive your team is when everyone is on the same page and using the same processes. All those times your team double handles data or spends minutes searching for info, can quickly add up to hundreds if not thousands of hours annually that could be better spent elsewhere. 

Rype can train your team on inventory management or time & attendance software to get you back on the right track. Our sessions are designed to make sure everyone is using your software as effectively as possible. Because we work with these platforms day in and day out, we understand how the software works and the best practice processes. We can adapt these to your business needs and provide top quality training sessions. 

Analyse & adapt

Knowledge is power. When you can see the time you’re spending, you’re able to make better decisions on how to improve. When reviewing timesheets, project notes and dashboards, you can deep dive into this information to find out if there are any “time sinks” within your business.

For example, if a staff member consistently goes over the quoted time for a task, it might indicate that more training is required or that extra resources are needed. If ‘all’ the members of your team go overtime regularly, it may be a sign that you are underquoting and that historical prices that have worked for you in the past, might now be pushing against you. 

When project data is readily available, staff can hold themselves accountable and manage their time more effectively. You can use these reports to make sure your team are performing well and to help them implement further processes that save time. Rype can set you up with tools to measure your time and productivity to help you improve. 

Handling the implementation for you

Implementing a new system can feel like a huge drain on your team. Lots of businesses move to new systems because they are already struggling, so the added workload of moving systems can feel like an impossible task. This is where Rype can help. 

We’re experts in finding the right solutions and setting your business up with the best software. We can take care of the heavy lifting involved in setting up your systems, integrations and training. 

Looking to save time? Get in touch with the Rype team. We’ll have a chat about your current situation and how we can help improve your productivity. Reach out today.